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We bring organizations of all shapes and sizes to the next level by bringing a Certified Project Manager or PM team into an organization to complete a task, design and implement a program, or help make operations more efficient overall.

our services

Services include:

Contract Project Managers

For when your team is at capacity or you receive a new project that you don't have the expertise for in house. We've got your back!

Extended Leave of Absence

Keep things moving when someone on your team needs a break. With our quality process we become part of your team and can rotate in and out as needed.

Temp to Hire

Save time sorting through large pools of applicants. We help vet, train, and onboard talent. Ensure it is a good fit for both the organization and the employee before making a long term commitment.

Industries we specialize in:


Healthcare Management Services, Case Management, Telehealth Implementation

Information technology

Data Processing, Computer Programming, Software Design and Development

Human Resources

Personnel Management, Engineering Professional Services, Education and Training Consulting

The CoApt Impact

Organizations that use Certified Project Managers see projects that are completed more efficiently, saving them money, time and resources. We make the entire process more predictable and communicate with all interested parties every step of the way.

Our job is to ensure your objectives are met with the most effective use of resources.

coapt impact
why coapt

Why CoApt ?

CoApt Projects guarantees a consistently high level of quality on all our projects.
To ensure this, we follows the standards of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management, the Project Management Institute, and B Corporations’ verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

  • Testimonials

    This service was invaluable to our organization. We needed to move a critical project forward, but did not have the resources in house to do it. Working with [a contract project manager] not only allowed us to meet our goals on time and on budget; but because of the clear, transparent communication and adherence to quality process, the project ended up even better than we expected. The process used truly made the project manager part of our team which gave us peace of mind, something you cannot put a price on.



  • Testimonials

    I've worked on a team with a CoApt project manager. Using the ISO standards provided, our team had confidence in our decisions and were efficient throughout our projects.


    Senior Research Analyst, Institute of International Finance

  • Testimonials

    Our Project Manager implemented processes for our team that both standardize across networks and increase productivity. They were a go-to person for conflict resolution and problem solving. They came to us with an unrelenting work ethic, and an ability to juggle multiple projects unlike any I’ve seen before.


    Research Manager, Insights & Analytics at Edelman