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When You Grow Up Podcast by Kaitlyn Luboff

Morgan Martin, CEO of CoApt Projects and Director of Operational Excellence at SCORE Mentors, and [Kaitlyn Luboff] discuss what it’s been like for her to build a business. She provides guidance on what to do if you’re looking to switch industries in your career, and how to prepare to start your own business, or spend time freelancing. 

12 June 2021


3 Steps to Implement a Circular Org Structure

"At CoApt Projects, we recommend all of the functional areas of the organization also operate in a way where strategy and impact supersede transactional exchanges."

Medium, 24 October 2020


CoApt Education Report

CoApt Education is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and the philanthropic arm of CoApt Projects LLC. Where CoApt Projects leads by example with self-managed teams and human centered work, CoApt Education teaches other organizations how to do the same.

Annual Reports on educational initiatives supported are released annually, beginning December 2021.

Collaborative Research

CoApt Projects and partner organizations work together to uncover trends in employment, the gig economy, and best practices contributing to an effective and fair workforce for economic growth.

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Founded in September 2019, CoApt Projects LLC is an organization of project management talent from around the world.

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