Implementing a New Accounting System

November 30, 2021
Justin Jebose
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A lot of the time, manual transactional errors have emanated from bookkeeping and payrolls when implementing a new accounting system. These errors become increasingly glaring the larger your business becomes. Some of these errors are so significant that they have led to partial or total wreckage of some businesses. Yours does not have to take the same toll! Implementing a new accounting system will sure make the difference. An accounting system is not just important; it also forms an integral part of any successful business. This is because it incorporates the financial processes of such an organization/ business. 

While you might be forced to weigh the subscription costs that come with its implementation, you will realize that it will be nothing compared to the number of financial mistakes you’ll save yourself from making. Aside from minimizing mistakes, a new accounting system would increase your productivity by helping you to work faster, saving your employees time in filling various forms, and above all, saving your data securely and make it available in real-time when you require it. By reducing the workload on members of staff of the organization, they can channel their energy into doing the work that is focused on the organization’s goals and generates higher income. 


Look out for these attributes before deciding what accounting system to go for.

  1. Accurate documentation

A very important factor with regards to finances is accuracy. Ensure that the accounting system is an accurate one that gives day-to-day reports and balances of your transactions

2. An excellent reporting system

Be on the lookout for a system that can create financial reports and also incorporate features that would allow you to customize your financial reports.

3. Auditing

Even though a system might not be able to audit its own financial records against that of the bank, it should contain features that would make tracking of every change made in the system data easy.

The uniqueness of most of these new accounting systems is in the promptness of response and mobility. A lot of the accounting software vendors incorporate these accounting systems into mobile apps. Such mobile apps offer transparency. This way, you can access information on the financial state of your business at any time you please. These apps also serve basic functions such as tracking your income, documenting your expenses, sending out invoices, and even inputting details of your new clients. It is simply ‘Financial transactions and documentation made easy.’

Worthy of mention is the ease that a new accounting system comes with when you want to make strategic plans. Since it provides you quick access to your business’s financial records, it makes it easy to strategize as at the time needed putting into consideration, proper analysis of the trends in the market and investments so as for you to always stay ahead of your competitors.

  1. Make an informed decision about which accounting system to go for.
  2. Get a project manager to coordinate the implementation
  3. Set a budget
  4. Customize the accounting system to suit your needs.
  5. Create a training plan.
  6. Create a pilot accounting system to familiarize your employees with the new accounting system to be implemented.
  7. The transition begins!
  8. Have a support program in case you need help with the system in the future.

The goal of any business is to thrive and be a force to be reckoned with in the long run. This is why implementing a new accounting system is non-negotiable. With it, you keep track of your income, expenditures, other outstanding accounts and also gauge what your pricing is like.

Author: Justin Jebose
Justin Jebose
Author: Justin Jebose

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