Four Benefits of Using the Kanban Method of Project Management

October 15, 2021
Kelsey Rausch
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All project managers know that delivering work in a quick and efficient manner can be a challenge. After all, it is the project manager’s job to ensure that every detail in the project goes off without a hitch! The Kanban Method benefits can help with this.

To help utilize your teams full capacity, and continuously improve your processes, the Kanban can optimize workflow and empower your organization to get more done. Here are four benefits that come with using Kanban as a project management tool.

Increases Visibility

One of the fundamentals of Kanban is visualization, and this is why the Kanban Board is so pivotal to each project’s success. The Kanban board simply lists out the status of each task happening within the project, so anyone involved can take a quick glance and see what is going on. The simplicity and increased visibility allows for the project manager to quickly take note of bottlenecks and challenges as they happen, when they happen. For a straightforward Kanban visualization and transitioning a team to the practice, we might recommend Trello or Smartsheet collaboration tools.

Promotes Productivity

The Kanban methodology changes a project manager’s mindset from starting work to finishing work. It can be so easy to get bogged down with all the details of multiple projects starting that you can forget to actually finish them. But with Kanban, task cycle time and completion are the key productivity indicators that you measure. When you consistently track these KPIs, you’ll start to notice how your team’s productivity changes over time. The faster you can work to complete each task, the more bandwidth you have to take on additional projects. This in turn will increase all around productivity.

Limits Team Constraints

Kanban is all about planning and implementing tasks– when and only when– your team has the bandwidth. Even the smallest tasks are written out on the Kanban board, so not only will your team know what is about to come, they also will only be able to take tasks when they have the full capacity to do so. You’ll be able to easily balance demand within your project’s scope, preventing overburdening your team in the process.

Eliminates Waste

Every project manager wants to be as lean as they can be, and Kanban is the easiest way to promote lean management within your team. The cornerstone of Kanban project management is to eliminate waste. Eliminating waste can be defined as any action and/or resource that does not add value to the overall project. The Kanban board allows you to quickly see what is working and what isn’t adding any benefit to you, so you don’t waste your time on tasks that are nonessential. 

Kanban is a powerful project management tool that can bring increased efficiency, output, and value to your business. Do you have a vision that Kanban can help bring alive? Contact CoApt Projects today, and our professionals are here to help. 

Author: Kelsey Rausch
Kelsey Rausch
Author: Kelsey Rausch

Kelsey Rausch is a freelance writer and SEO content strategist based in Upstate New York. She has over 5 years of content creation experience for both small businesses and large agencies. When she’s not writing, you can find her being a dog mom to her trusty black lab, Rosie.

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