Alicia Brindisi

Project Manager with Global Experience (Tech, Nonprofit, Creative)

Alicia Brindisi is a freelance Project Manager with over 7 years of experience across nonprofit organizations, technology firms, and nonprofits. Her most recent role was at Wipro, a large multinational IT firm, where she oversaw the creation of a new professional development product offering, managing the team from brainstorming sessions to deployment. Alicia joined Wipro via its post-MBA rotational program, completing assignments in India, the UK, and NYC, including serving as Project Manager for the global launch of professional development product offerings in 15 offices worldwide. Prior to working in project manager, she spent several years in research and program management capacities at education and international development organizations such as NYU, UNDP, and International Baccalaureate. Alicia holds a BA in Communications from Boston University, a MA in International Affairs from The New School, and a MBA from NYU Stern.

Areas of Expertise

Education & Training
Engineering Services
Software Design & Development

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